Feedback from the group discussion between 8-11 Feb

This is a quick update on feedback during our small group meeting and discussion about our goals for this new year.

There was a real sense of togetherness and a request from almost all to look at undertaking various “short sessions” / workshops at different locations throughout the EU.

This is something we are looking into and please look at upcoming events which will have a number of these types of events across the world EU over the coming months.


Goals for 2019

I am pleased to host a small group of ladies in London between 8th-11th February, to talk about our personal goals for the new year.

It is especially wonderful to be able to be among my close friends and students during International Women’s Day and I am sure we will all benefit from the energies we will receive as well as gladly send out to the world.

Looking forward to it ladies!!!


Healing session & Open event, Stratford, London, UK

I am looking forward to hosting my next healing session on Saturday 1st December at Stratford, London.

There will also be an opportunity for people who are new to the modality of Theta Healing  to come and talk without an obligation and discuss what you would like to get out of your involvement.

I have a small group already confirmed but if anyone would like to attend please get in touch and I will try to fit you in.


Fantastic time meeting beautiful new people

I had an amazing time over the last weekend meeting beautiful people and hosting a wonderful healing session. It was interesting and there were some unique experiences and histories shared and we all came out of it happier, healthier and far more confident!

My new “friends” will be looking to meet again during next planned visit over the weekend of 30th November – 2nd December and to attend the healing session on Saturday 1st December to be held again in Stratford, London, UK