About Me

I have been a part of the ThetaHealing® family for 6 years (a member since 2012). I am continually studying and growing through ongoing participation at ThetaHealing® courses and seminars. This enables me to broaden my exposure and empowers me to provide healing as well as to be able to teach my clients a wide range of modalities within the Theta framework.

The feelings of joy I have gained through the process of learning and understanding the Theta concept has brought me to a point where I am able to share it with the world, to help and guide my clients to heal, to grow, to be confident and strong and to be the best version of themselves.

During my first year of learning, I worked on my own beliefs by attending seminars in order to further understand myself, my inner self and my power. In the second year I attended more seminars, one of which was “Game of Life”, held in London. During this seminar I understood that I was already prepared and capable to begin healing sessions with my clients.

Through deeper knowledge and understanding, my life has more clarity and everything began to make more sense. During my third year I attended more specialist seminars for ThetaHealing® Instructors, which are taught personally by the founder of ThetaHealing® Vianna Stibal. This is necessary in order for these Instructors to be able to teach this modality on to their own students. These seminars were full of inspiration, very motivational and full of loving energy.

It is wonderful to observe my clients/students changing during the healing process and courses I teach, how their hearts, minds and souls become more open and to see how they listen to their inner wisdom to enable them to steer their lives in a more positive direction to follow their soul plan. I continue to participate in regular seminars across new modalities within Theta and enjoy my ongoing development, which enables me to help others to find their own purpose in life.

I hope these few sentences help you to you understand my journey and for you to find the courage to create the life you wish and deserve to have, full of love and success now and not to wait for it to happen in the future.

ThetaHealing® changes all of the lives it touches and it will change your life. It is subtle and yet a very efficient method. So what are you waiting for…..get in touch and do it